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All About Electronic Repair Information

There have been numerous dart related deaths over the years. Like it or not, when you play a game that requires you to launch sharp objects at the wall, you’re going to hurt someone playing darts. When you mix alcohol into the whole equation you’ll find that the likely hood of a dart landing in someone’s leg, arm, torso, or eye increases dramatically. For these reasons the electronic dartboard was created.

Electronic dartboards, like the ones discussed over at electronic dartboard central, are made with safety in mind. They may not be as user friendly as the original cork and metal boards but no one is ever going to poke their eyes out with the plastic tipped darts used by a dartboard. Most electronic dartboards use plastic pins to read the darts. The plastic pins on the board are so close together that you can just barely wedge the darts in between. No sharp objects required. electronic shops jp nagar

The classic dartboard is made out of cork and requires the players to throw sharp metal darts at it to score points. Who thought up this incredibly dangerous game? The worst is that we play with darts in bars and restaurants where alcohol is served. That’s a great idea humanity, give drunken idiots sharp objects to throw at each other. Luckily there is a safer way to play darts if you’re still interested in throwing stuff at the wall. Electronic dartboards take all of the dangerous pointy objects out of the whole dart throwing game and replace them with finely tipped plastic darts and a plastic board.

Electronic dartboard central has a few articles describing the way dartboards work so I won’t go into much detail but basically there is plastic on the board and plastic on the darts. When you throw the dart at the board the plastic on the dart gets wedged in between the plastic on the board and gets stuck there.

One of the biggest gripes I have with the game of darts is the inherent danger in it. Games should be fun, you shouldn’t have to worry about stabbing your friend in the head. I was trying to find a way to take all of the danger out of the game of darts because I still love playing the game and I ran across a great article over at electronic dartboard central.

An electronic dartboard does exactly what I want it to do. It takes away the sharp metal darts and replaces them with tamer plastic ones. The only problem with an electronic dartboard is that it is incredibly hard to get the darts to stick into the board. If you don’t throw the dart just right it tends to bounce off the dartboard awkwardly. I’ve lost a ton of darts because I wasn’t able to get them to stick right.